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Welcome dear Jazz fan and musician. I hope you will enjoy reading the following topics – Click on the right to access each category.

Without a song

What tunes to pick for the ultimate Jazz set and why. I believe that live and recording sets should be balanced. Not only in terms of choice of tempo and mood. A balanced set means there is a variety of keys and genres. I like the “something for everyone” type set although I don’t necessarily want to find “In a mellow tone” straight after “Inner Urge” but you get my point…

I like tunes that are musical, tunes that provide pleasure to the audience but also to the musicians. For instance, I get bored on “Blue moon” because of its repetitive I-VI-II-V format. So chord progression has to be  interesting but that’s a piano player point of view.

I also like the melody line to keep the front line players involved. Quirky is good, modulation is essential.

What’s the ideal mix? I’d say 1 blues (major or minor), 2 latin tunes, 2-3 standards (one of them up-tempo), 1 ballad, 1 jazz waltz and we’re off.

I Hear a Rhapsody

This is where I will post regular album reviews, preferably of artists with little UK exposure. We all have those obscure releases that could deserve a wider audience. There is so much talent out there that most of it gets unnoticed!


Collection of general reflections and meditation about Jazz music and what life may be without it. From my love of album covers to my hatred of smoke-filled jazz clubs, there’s no better therapy than a good old rant.

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