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Autumn 2012

Hi everyone. Before the snow falls and the days shorten, lets have a look at the programme for the autumn term:

The band will be playing in a special assembly in the Upper School Hall at 10:15 on Friday 12th December.

As per previous Autumn term, tunes are selected to mark the Christmas season.

So What? gets a new facelift.

Back in the early 90’s, guitar player Ronny Jordan gave a hip revamp of  Miles Davis’ classic modal tune from “Kind of Blue” (1959) by adding a slick groove to his funky guitar licks. no this is our turn to marry Jazz and Hip Hop with Sax and Trombone trading solos every 8 bars


Skating in Central Park – beautiful Jazz Waltz

In the mid 50’s, when hard bop was ruling the world, 4 musicians with a strong affinity with classical music created a string of softly played tunes. Led by Milt Jackson’s Vibraphone, the Modern Jazz Quartet was one of its kind. In this tune composed by pianist John Lewis, imagine yourself ice skating right in the heart of the busiest city in the world, New York! Famously covered by Bill Evans, the tune once more features our 2 soloist swapping ideas over the 2 chords vamp.

Frosty the Snowman – “was a jolly happy soul”

Impossible to imagine a Christmas concert without some of the jazzy hits. This year, Frosty takes center stage.


Looking forward to the big day. Until then see you on thursdays…


PS: By the way, can you name all the musicians whose photographs appear at the top of the page?

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